An Online Community Discussion on the Corbett School District

March 25, 2012 | In response to the letter by Mr. Dunton sent to Charter parents in regards to his choice not to choose to continue the accreditation process for Corbett Schools that begun in 1941. Read here for that letter and more information.


Mr. Dunton,

Insults and misdirection seem to be your avocation when it comes to answering questions or describing those of us who take exception with school direction and school policy.

District #39 will regain the accreditation it richly deserves since its departure by your hand twelve years ago.  Destroying our accreditation was certainly outside the scope of your authority and action against you should have been taken at that time.

All the years of the school telling the world its is one of the best, yet it can’t even show it makes basic accreditation standards.   We’ve been told you did this to save costs, now you say it is because it isn’t important.  Did you really do it because you knew the school wouldn’t make accreditation based on the direction you were taking it?

The current issue of accreditation concerns District #39, and for you to offer comment is unnecessary and reactionary, especially since it does not affect your Charter school.

As a purveyor of accreditation I take exception to your inflammatory term that equates accreditation with the mob.  Or, as you stated, “protection racket”.  If your school wants to opt out from accreditation that is your business and the business of your students’ parents.

Many of us who live in the community or have children attending the Corbett schools are embarrassed by the lack of action of the District #39 administration and their silence on the accreditation issue.  Bringing in a professional to speak to the issue and provide accurate and unbiased information is the first step in correcting this.

I would like to invite you to attend the meeting at the Grange on Tuesday, March 27th at 6:30pm.  Dr. Richard Darst, Oregon State Director of the Northwest Accreditation Commission will be our guest speaker.  This could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the accreditation process and its benefits to students.

Gary Purvine