An Online Community Discussion on the Corbett School District

Members of the board and new elected board member,

I’m Clair Klock – my wife and I reside … in Corbett,  I have watched with interest the transformation of the Corbett School from an ordinary school district to one that has some of the best scores in the state and nation.

This comes as a result of systematic elimination of students with emotional and academic problems to a more suitable learning environment.  These are called alternative schools and are outside the district, where low test scores are not counted on Corbett’s record. This is entire legal. But is it right? – Is getting the high test scores and on prestigious list more important than educating Corbett children in Corbett schools?  This is up to the school board and the community to decide.

The result is classrooms with fewer disruptions and the opportunity for the teachers to actually teach instead of spending an inordinate amount of time with one problem student. Teacher love to work in that type of environment.

Sure – Corbett is going to have better special education scores, if we only keep the higher level of special education students and ship the others out of the school district,  then I would expect higher scores.

It is my contention that if other public schools were run the same way, then Corbett would fall back into the rest of the group. If the school board continues to follow the present status quo, I would suggest that you compare the Corbett school to the academic scores, drop-out rate of the private schools of comparable size.


Thank you and are there any questions?

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