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DATE: October 15, 2011
RE: Springdale School



Dear Corbett School Board Members,

As you may remember from my last  correspondence with the Corbett School Board, I am a strong  proponent of maintaining a traditional neighborhood based public  school here in Corbett.  I believe this because I live here in Corbett and I would like to preserve the benefits of small town  living for myself, my child, and our neighbors.    I’ve pasted this link here to remind you of a petition submitted earlier this  year electronically signed by 60+ residents (and I believe more signatures  were submitted in writing) that expresses the desire to keep Corbett a small  community school without adding additional students and applying for loans  that may be difficult to pay off in the future. ( This petition is no longer online as of July 2014. However, all data was downloaded and archived.) I implore you  all to read the comments.  Many different points of view from  residents are represented here. With that said, please accept the  following as my own opinions and ideas:

I was quite alarmed to read our  superintendant quoted as saying that “Education is kind of an industry  here in Corbett.”(from Oregon Live  article Sept 23rd, 2011.)  This statement makes me think that he will work to swell the district by as  many students as possible in order to grow the “industry” regardless  of the feelings of the residents in our community, or how the increase to our  campus will affect our resident students.

In my last email I expressed that I do not  want to see our district become an all charter school and I stand by  that.  One of the main reasons for this belief is that I think  that the district residents…who vote and pay taxes, and many of whom also  have kids at school here, deserve to have a voice about what happens at their  neighborhood school.  Several times now, when I have read information  from the District website about differences between the District and Charter  school, I have read that one of the main differences is that a Charter School  does not have to listen to or be “harassed or harangued” by public  comment which is sometimes just downright rude. I want to assure you that I  will always keep my public comments respectful and appropriate, but I would  suggest that in any job (or industry) it is important to have  both positive and negative feedback in order to improve one’s  performance. When you don’t have to hear the bad stuff then you can just  go along and say that everything you’re doing is perfect… and that simply  isn’t the case.  There is room for improvement, and the voices of  the community deserve to be heard.

As far as the Springdale School rehab, I have  another idea to propose.  What if we sell the Springdale  School property and existing building “as-is” to the Charter School  Association, and have them run their program from there?  I’m  assuming that as a public school they would qualify for the same type of  no-interest loans to do improvements on the building, wouldn’t  they?  We could continue to rent to them until their facility’s  upgrade is complete which might neatly coincide with the Charter’s  contract renewal with the District in 2014. This idea sounds like a WIN /  WIN to me…we get to keep our neighborhood district school, the Springdale  building is saved and utilized for its intended use as a school, and people  both in and out of the District have the choice of sending their kids to the  Charter School. We could use the revenue generated from the sale of the  property to begin making improvements to the Middle School building on the  main campus.  Of course I don’t have all the logistics worked out, as I  am not a professional educator, but I’d like to see this, as well as  other options fully considered before we (Corbett School  District) decide to take on the entire burden of loans and all the other  associated costs of expansion to that facility.

Thank you all for your service on the Corbett  School Board, and for considering my correspondence. Special thanks to  those who took the time to respond last time.  I will always make time if  you want to hear my opinions.  I prefer email correspondence, but if  you would like to call and talk to me XXXXXXX.


Christine Pailthorp

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