An Online Community Discussion on the Corbett School District

Official minutes can be found at the CSD web site here.

Last weeks board meeting touched on several topics, the main focus was the presentation by Bob Lawrence regarding the facilities proposal. General topics touched on budget items such as the approval of Randy Trani’s salary of $142, 964. plus allowances for cell phone, home Internet, auto & continuing education expenses.

Randy states they will be adding a school resource officer next year. This is something many people have pushed for in the past and it appears to be happening now! The district had one until Mr. Dunton removed the position for financial gains. Personally I think this is great because should anything ever happen in campus we are at the mercy of hoping Officer Rocky is close by or waiting for assistance from Troutdale or Gresham which could take 15-20 minutes response time and a lot can happen in that time. This officer can also assist with campus drills, staff education & training and hopefully suggest some improved security practices for our building entrances. The salary of this position will have 2/3 of the cost covered by federal grants with only a small cost to the district. I feel this is a great win for the safety of our kids!

The recommendation was presented for the 18 million dollar bond. This would include a brand new 20,000sft high school. An 8,000sft addition to the 1970 gym for better use as an auditorium/theatrical productions, a remodel to the old gym, a new bus barn, an all weather track, a synthetic football & baseball field. These are the dreams and what they are asking us to find. Obviously some things can be left out and or scaled down but this is what is being asked for.

This calculates out to approx $2.65 per $1,000 of home value. As an example, if your property is valued at $300,000. The bond will cost you personally $795 every year.

It was also suggested that we find a way to have the out of area students contribute to the bond costs. However it is illegal to ask the families to pay. Randy suggested the district contribute a set amount per out of area student. To me this is pointless and is just “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Because we are always hearing how dirt poor the district is and this is why we need the offset income from out of area transfers so to than take a large chunk of that out of district needs for the bond makes no sense as to how we can afford that, unless of course more students would be brought in to cover that cost. The district runs the mantra of doing nothing that will take money out of the classroom but suddenly they will (and a big chunk) in order to get the bond through. Don’t be fooled by this tactic as it really won’t help pay because the money used will have to be made up elsewhere if they do contribute to the bond out of regular district funds.

Currently a phone survey of 340 residents is being conducted. The board will propose the bond for this Novembers ballot based on the response from this survey.

– Karina Lande.
Community Member and parent.